ISHVARA YOGA® or the Yoga of Inner Integrity

Ishvara Yoga® is the author’s system of Anatoliy Zenchenko.

Ishvara is translated from Sanscrit as Inner Teacher, Spirit, Form (aspect) of God not having external manifestation. Ishvara is our spiritual origin, the spark of divinity which shines inside of all of us.

Ishvara Yoga is the system aimed at achieving a state in which a person is at most integrated with his / her spiritual origin. Ishvara Yoga teaches a person to sense the deepest, the most subtle constituent of human being – the divine spark.

The system includes unique methods enabling a disciple to learn operating his / her body, to be in a state of maximal internal harmony and integrity.

Major Principles of Ishvara Yoga:

Inner space integrity
Shape build-up from crown to feet and from feet to crown
Principles of correct control of body weight, center of gravity and balance
Ability to be relaxed in most complicated asanas as well as in most difficult life situations
Principles of correct operation involving spine, joints and remote muscles
Activation of feet centers
Correct application of bandhas
Operating from the body center
Body symmetry build-up
Developing the Sthira quality – a state of steady tranquility, and many more...